Transforming Anxiety

Transforming Anxiety

A course on how to free ourselves from the constraints of anxiety

This course is targeted at people who suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety can range from an irritation to a dibilitating affliction. Wherever we are in this range, there are tools we can learn that can help us form alternative, more helpful responses to our anxieties.

The key to starting this work is to look at our attitude to anxiety. We typically take a view that anxiety is bad and needs to be got rid of. However, this prevents us from taking a closer look. The truth is, our anxiety is trying to protect us from a perceived danger. Contrary to what we might think, our anxiety is on our side.

The next key is to stop thinking about it. Rather, we learn how we can feel our way into what is behind the anxiety, see how thinking can impact anxiety and the fears that underly our anxiety, and how re-evaluating their likelihood can shift the anxiety into something much lighter.

In the end, anxiety is just our energy, our life-force. We don’t need to get rid of it, we just need to learn how to let it shift into a new, more helpful form.

The Course

The course is instructor led, four weeks long, typically 1 hour per week. It aims to be experiential. Just talking about anxiety can easily make the anxiety worse. Instead, we will learn practical skills that you can practice in the intervening weeks.