Individual Guiding

Individual Guiding

Individually Led Inquiry

While over time we would like to explore engaging in this inquiry in groups, for now it is best done on an individual basis. The terms will be discussed and agreed between participant and instructor. They can discuss any fees, duration, and means (face to face, video, messaging, etc). Any fees will be for time spent not for outcomes, as in this work, outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

Layers of Inquiry

Inquiry can be engaged in through a number of layers, each digging a little deeper than the previous. This list is by no means exhaustive, but offers a range that we have helped participants explore previously.

Each inquiry explores a particular form of assumption that is commonly made by human beings.

The Narrative Self

The biggest assumptions we make are around ourselves - who we think we are and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. Seeing through this assumption can significantly quieten the often judgemental inner voice, which is, for most of us, a significant source of suffering.

Wanting and Not Wanting

With a mind quietened through seeing through the assumptions around who we think we are, we can start to look at what we want and don’t want.

Here, we make assumptions around whether things can, or cannot, give us what we look for in them. Seeing through this set of assumptions brings great emotional ease as we are no longer trying to shape our world to fit our expectations of it.

Space and Time

That there is a past and that there is a future is such an obvious thing, yet is it actually true, in experience? For these assumptions, we look at what of the past and future we can find in experience.

Seeing through this set of assumptions can bring yet more ease - there’s no point fearing the future if there is only ever the present moment!