Guiding Exercises

Guiding Exercises

The Odoki Method is targeted at helping people deepen their wellbeing towards Deep Wellbeing.

To make this effective, it helps to have an effective understanding of how the human mind works.

To help with this, we have published a set of exercises/tools that can be used by a practitioner with their clients to clarify aspects of how the human mind works. More exercises will be added over time.

The best way to evaluate the use of these exercises is to check whether the client responds with, “oh!” or similar. The aim is to make something clear and obvious that wasn’t previously. The shift in perspective that these exercises aim to precipitate is the basis of long-lasting inner change. If we really see that something we are doing is unnecessary, we can’t stop ourselves stopping doing it. This is the dynamic we are leveraging with these exercises.

These guiding exercises are available here.